Updated JSD or in a few hours according to android dev console. Game now pulls data from live google spreadsheets and uses NGUI for much slicker GUI. You can now also incrementally refund any upgrades purchased instead of just refunding everything ever.

jsdpa4 new gui 1JSDPA4 new gui 2

Just Shmup Dammit PA3

Just pushed out Alpha 3 update last night. So I had to rewrite the upgrade storage system because it was driving me crazy not its basically a readonly Dict<string, double[]> stored for look up. Player stats then look at this and store a local cached copy appropriate for their level and only look at that again when they level up a stat. Much easier to work with.

2013-11-27 10.15.17

Also got rid of the intuition numbers and am now pulling data out of calculated spreadsheet data. And moved to Unity 4.3, so now all the bullets are sprites not just quads. It didn’t really seem to change the median performance but it may have smoothed it out a bit.

Missiles now indicate their target enemy with a blue laser sight and they slow down over time, which leads into the 2 new upgrades missile speed and missile agility.

Slomo indicator, hourglass on the left, so that you can tell at what speed and if you have slomo activated. Also smoothed out the timescale changes so it doesn’t jump from 1 to .6 in 1 frame, now it lerps between them.

On the horizon: facebook integration, analytics, more meshes, more textures, more bullet patterns, landscape support.

Just Shmup Dammit: Presentations

The other CSU subject I was undertaking this semester was Mobile Application Development. In this subject we were to present an idea and explain the platform it was targeting, why and an overview of how we were going to implement it.


The second was essentially a progress milestone showing off what you had accomplished in the short time, ~12 weeks but only about 8 hours a week. I managed to get a small shmup-upgrader made with Unity3D completed in this time, it is not at alpha yet but is mostly complete game loop, with all original assets created by me in Blender, Photoshop and Substance Designer.

These presentations are available here and the game (in its second Pre-Alpha release) is on the Google Play here.

Just Shmup Dammit PA2

A friend managed to clear the ‘last’ level of the enemy waves so I felt obliged to push some of the minor work I’ve done since a1 went up.

added versioning to upgrade data and splash
changed missile launch pattern
player grace period after hit
clamp inside screen
vibrate on dmg

On the horizon;
All new progression based on spreadsheets not gut instinct
more upgradable stuff
More waves
better spawning
More Textures
More feedback