Shaky Cam WIP 2

Threw together a quick demo to show the variance possible in the shaky cam setup I described earlier. It sends the shame shake vectors to all cameras, the different results are due to different spring constants and different rigidbody linear dampening values.

Try it here

Totally not peggle – Part 3

Playable here

Didn’t get to spend as much time on it tonight as the last two but managed to get camera shake and beginnings of some basic emotion. Some pegs spawn with eyes, right now all they do is ‘panic’ (pupil shrinks) and look at a ball if one is close. Otherwise they just blink randomly and look around. Looks cool though.

Shaky cam

Build here

Quick job of putting together a 3 dim of freedom spring with linear limits. I tried using the built in springs but they were a little crazy. At the moment it still relies on the rb to maintain velocity and dampening, I’m not sure I like that so I’ll probably move that out so it simulates itself in isolation of whatever the physics engine may want to do.

Totally not peggle – Part 2

Playable here

Completed this after work, apart from a short break here and there ( for dinner and such). Lots of basic juice as been added. Music is from Incompetech. Sound effects created in Bfxr. Easing is done using a little Easing utility I wrote a while back. I’m pretty happy with it for what is all up only about a day worth of work.

The big things I haven’t gotten to yet are; cracks in the pegs, proper menu and world map, camera shake and touch friendly input. Perhaps tomorrow.