So I think I’ve decided to charge something for what I am now calling JDGLib, Just Games Dammit being the business game I registered.  I came to this conclusion for a number of reasons;

  • It’ll be great to see any money come from this effort
  • I’ll feel obligated to respond to support emails/requests so at least if it costs money I’ll feel like that support is already paid for
  • Paid asset will almost certainly lower the number of users, which makes me less anxious

Also good doco will have to be my savior here. So this is what I’ve completed so far. I’ll also need to do up rational, class explanations and usage for Object Pools, Easing and Camera Shake. I’ll link to these in the asset store listing so I’m envisioning that the clear use cases and usage methods will stop people from buying it thinking its something it isn’t.