Documentation is complete and I’m feature freezing JGDLib at this point so I actually push ahead with its release. Without doing this, I fear I’ll fall into the programmer trap of continually finding new awesome things to add to the library but never release it. No one benefits from that.

So what happens now? Quite a lot actually. I registered my company name and want to put this under than, so its website needs to be up and running (a topic for another blog). I need to do some closed testing with users. This will most likely be work colleges. The focus will be; usability of the software itself, finding both weaknesses documentation and bug hunting. My main concern right now is that I know how to use these because I wrote them, but I need to be so obvious, self-explaining and well documented that I’m not flooded with support emails from people who have paid for lib post release.

On a side note, the last thing I added to the lib was a projectile solver. It solves the launch angle for a constant speed projectile to hit a moving target. It handles either, both or neither falling under gravity. It’s kinda mesmerizing.